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Founded By Customers, For Customers

2014 by the San Francisco 49ers

VenueNext was founded in 2014 by the San Francisco 49ers during the development of Levi’s stadium with the mission to transform fan and customer experiences.

VenueNext Europe was launched in Europe in 2017 to bring the best in class knowledge and technology to the European Market. A part of Shared Access in Europe, VenueNext Europe are working with multiple verticals to improve fan and customer experiences.

Apps & Mobile Ordering

Mobile & Web apps

Branded App – Program the content in your app without an app release.

Mobile SDK – Integrate into an existing app, in a day (e.g. employee app).

Online ordering – No app to install, no account to create.

Mobile App Marketing

Push Notifications – Drive app usage with compelling lock/home screen messages.

In-App Ads – Drive awareness of new offers upon returning to the app.

Inbox Messages – Send messages to all users even those who haven’t enabled push.

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Web Based Ordering

Try our mobile demo – A simple, contactless, quick way to allow customers to quickly open menus, select items and then pay. Ideal for restaurants looking to re-orient to cashless ordering or for locations that want to re-define the idea of a concession stand – Virtual Concessions can ‘Pop Up’ anywhere – just need a QR code and customers.

Mobile Wallet & Loyalty – Sports clubs can create specific menus for away fans, family options or provide in seat delivery to fans in disability or VIP areas to prioritise those who need dedicated service.

Items on Offer – Venues that need to re-orient to new methods of booking appointments or controlling numbers in a certain space due to health concerns can create items to offer on a first come first served basis.

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Point-of-Sale Solutions


Being a digital first company, VenueNext Europe’s POS technology has been developed specifically based on feedback from customers wanting our software approach to be applied to hardware.

Optimised for high-demand throughput and tolerant of poor network conditions we offer configurable models including Cashier facing POS, handheld models and guest facing Kiosks.

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Kiosks are a simple and effective way to increase throughput in a clean and effective manner. VenueNext Europe’s Kiosks feature multi-menu food-court modes, the ability to browse via category, menu item images and modifiers.

Payment is simple – pay with card or VenueNext Europe’s Mobile Wallet functionality, receipts are printed automatically or can be delivered via camera. The entire ordering experience is quick, simple and clean.

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Suite Solutions

Designed specifically for locations that don’t need a traditional approach, our Suites products offer the ability to manage payment, gratuity and room preferences, offer credits & discounts and pre-ordering as standard.

The system also offers restricted menus based on role of attendants, manager event notes, event specific menus and direct contact between room and manager to allow for refunds.

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